1. Do you have a list of dealers on your site I can look at to find the one nearest me?

Short answer: not really.  Long answer: Our team of dealers and distributors is constantly growing.  We have new dealers popping up in new places all the time which can often be confusing as to who to call in what area for the best service and prices.  One week Phill Schmill will be the closest dealer to you, then the next week another dealer begins selling in your area and now Joe Schmoe is your closest dealer.  So, we like to take the guess-work out of getting the service you need by talking with you directly and hooking you up with the right people.  We know exactly who to call for what problems/applications/needs and will connect you with them fast.  Go to the contact us page to get started.

2. How much is it? / Why don’t you post your prices online?

 Well you see, we don’t post our prices online because we, as a company, experience Sociophobia from time to time and fear that posting our prices online will give us too much attention.  That, and shipping costs are largley variant depending on where you are located.  We like to connect you with your local dealer where you can inquire of pricing with them.

3. Can I buy Oxy Blast directly from you?

Nope.  But you really wouldn’t want to anyway.  We have dealers in almost every state and province in North America with our international dealer network growing every month!  Getting product from our dealers is almost always way faster than ordering through us. We just equip the guy or gal who delivers it to you. Fastest way to get what you need is to call or email us.  We’ll take care of the rest.

4. Is Oxy Blast safe for human consumption?

Yep. But not in its concentrated form. Don’t try to down it all in one sitting… or gulp it without diluting it heavily with water first.

5. I’m having trouble viewing your site.

Some people may have difficulties viewing our site and all its content if they are using dial-up internet, a computer from the 90’s, or a browser that has not been updated to the latest version. If the page is slow to load, it’s probably your Internet connection speed. If some elements don’t load at all, you could have a browser in need of updating. If you are experiencing other website-related problems, please email us support@essentialwater.net.

6. What’s in Oxy Blast and Oxy Blast Plus to make them so much better than regular hydrogen peroxide?

That’s easy, lot’s of love.  Seriously, we’ve spent tons of time researching and testing what the best additives to hydrogen peroxide would be to make it the perfect organic cocktail of ingredients for better life on the farm or in the house.  But don’t take our word for it, check out what others are saying about it.

7. What is the difference between Oxy Blast and Oxy Blast Plus?

Oxy Blast Plus is the near identical twin to Oxy Blast with only one difference; Oxy Blast Plus is an NSF Certified product.  This certification is required in some areas of application, mainly dairy farms in certain states.  Ask us if Oxy Blast Plus is right for you.

8. I don’t want/need very much to try at first.  Can I just get it in 1 gallon?

We like to steer clear of offering our Oxy Blast in quantities less than 5 gallons.  Though Oxy Blast is safe for human consumption when diluted, we don’t recommend drinking it straight from the container.  It’s considered hazardous in the concentrations we offer and wouldn’t feel good going down the throat.  A 1-gallon jug is too easy to mistake for “clear water” if it were stored in the fridge, so a five gallon container is the smallest size we offer.  It really doesn’t taste that good straight out of the bottle either.  Don’t ask how we know that.

9. How do I know how much product to use?

Since every application is unique, so is every method of use.  Depending on your current water quality, existing treatment methods in the water system, if you’re right or left-handed, etc, the amount of product used will differ from case to case.  We’ve had a bit of experience with all kinds of water troubles and can help you determine exactly the amount to use given your unique water problem.

10. Does Oxy Blast hurt my septic system?

All Oxy Blast Products will only help your septic system, not hurt it. Added oxygen to your septic tank helps break down complex solids and could even improve your leach field functionality.

Can’t find your question here? Contact us for answers to your specific questions.