Other Products & Services

Other Products and Services

CSP™ softener compound is used to isolate contaminants and large particles in water, reducing the level of total dissolved solids, making the particles easier to filter and making your water feel softer. Fewer particles in the water make our Oxy Blast Products more effective, with less contaminants being oxidized, thus more product being sent to where it’s needed. CSP also coats the internal lining of galvanized and copper pipes preventing corrosion and protecting pipe lining.


CSP actively inhibits corrosion by forming a microscopic, protective film on the inner surface of water pipes. This process limits the release of lead, copper, and iron from water lines and domestic plumbing. CSP helps to reduce rusty water and prevent the formation of iron deposits, resulting in greater Oxy Blast levels in the system.

CSP acts as a softening agent to reduce stains, discoloration, and rusty water caused by iron and manganese. Threshold treatment with CSP holds in solution scale-causing minerals such as calcium as well. CSP removes existing scale and iron tuberculation buildup to improve water quality and distribution flow rates.


  • Inhibits corrosion of steel water distribution lines, iron and galvanized piping, and lead and copper plumbing
  • Decreases iron tuberculation, which can extend the life of the water distribution system
  • Lowers lead and copper levels in the delivered potable water by inhibiting corrosion in the water system
  • Lessens the occurrence of microbial-influenced corrosion, providing longer system life.
  • Controls iron and manganese, minimizing rusty or dirty water in the distribution system
  • Reduces discoloration, staining, and mineral build-up
  • Diminishes calcium scale deposits typically seen in hot water lines and heaters


Sizes – 10lb and 50lb bags

An imbalance of pH has an effect on the ability to treat your water. PC-7™ stabilizer is a buffered acid and pH stabilizer used to lower the pH of water. It has been specially formulated to maximize the effectiveness of all Oxy Blast Products and is more compatible with them.


  • Decreases water pH
  • Raises redox potential (ORP)
  • Enables Oxy Blast to oxygenate more effectively


EWS™ Electrolytes are a water-soluble nutritional supplement that maintain fluid electrolytes and stabilizes mineral metabolism in livestock for hydration and nutrient transfer. They are vital in applications where high sodium levels are common. An imbalance of electrolytes can cause dehydration and affect performance in both animals and people alike. EWS Electrolytes help balance high sodium levels with other necessary electrolytes, effectively eliminating negative effects of high sodium. They enhance fluid retention and help lower bicarbonates in water supplies.

The ions in EWS Electrolytes are balanced ratios of key electrolytes based on broad water analyses throughout the US.


All animals, as well as people, perform better when properly hydrated.

Excessive sodium levels in water or food cause an imbalance over other primary electrolytes which can increase hydrochloric acid secretion within the body. An increase in hydrochloric acid causes a more acidic environment, relating to stomach discomfort and possible ulcers or scarring within the digestive tract. This imbalance hinders nutrient transfer and, consequently, performance.

Some electrolyte products contain high levels of chlorides. High chloride levels increase sodium absorption ratios, which, in turn, can lead to displaced potassium, thus causing dehydration.


EWS Electrolytes are primarily used for livestock and poultry, but the applications don’t stop there. Any animal can benefit from a water supply with balanced electrolytic content to stay hydrated.


20lb bags

For applications where high pH and high sodium levels are bogging down the effectiveness of your Oxy Blast Product, Grolyte™ stabilizer is the solution. Grolyte contains a combination of quality electrolytes and acidifiers working in symphony to help counter electrolyte imbalance and lower water pH.