Testing Supplies

Testing Supplies

Oxy Blast Test Strips

Oxy Blast® test strips determine the amount of hydrogen peroxide in your water system in parts per million (PPM). Using these test strips ensure your Oxy Blast system is delivering the desired amount of product into your water. Your Oxy Blast will be working most efficiently when you maintain the suggested PPM for your application. Ask your dealer what your PPM should be for your water system.

Product works with:

  • Oxy Blast
  • Oxy Blast Plus™
  • Oxy Natural™
  • Essential™ Hydrogen Peroxide


  • 100 mg/L max
  • 1000 mg/L max

Water Analysis

The road to better water quality begins with a detailed water analysis revealing the contaminants your water may contain. We highly recommend* a water analysis report from a qualified laboratory before advising a protocol for your application. Having a complete water analysis report enables us to identify your largest problem areas and then devise a treatment solution that fits your needs.

We have partnered with Midwest Laboratories to bring you reduced rates on water testing. Just mention Essential Water Solutions sent you and they’ll hook you up with a nice discount. Once you have the results to your water analysis, we use the report as our guide to develop the most effective and economical water solution.

Midwest Laboratories, Inc.

(402) 334-7770


Note: Essential Water Solutions does not perform water analysis testing. Please do not send us water samples. Contact the above or other testing labs for water analysis.

* A water analysis report is required to qualify for our money-back guarantee. See our Terms and Conditions page for details.

pH Test Strips

For a quick and easy method for measuring water pH, pH test strips do the trick. They are an inexpensive, fast solution to testing the pH of your water.

pH Meter

This device measures the pH of water and gives a digital readout to the nearest 10th. It’s the fastest way to check your pH and more accurate than standard test strips.

Milwaukee pH600 – pH Meter

Product Description

Calibration Procedure

pH/ORP Meter

In addition to measuring the pH of the water, this device also measures the water’s temperature and redox potential or oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This meter is waterproof and provides an instant digital readout for fast results.

Hanna Combo – pH & ORP Meter

Product Manual

Product Guide