Peristaltic Pumps

We’ve partnered with the Stenner Pump Company and Genesis Instruments to bring you the most reliable series of pumps on the market for use with your Oxy Blast® treatment system. With hundreds of different pump choices and configurations, we ensure you get the exact pump for your application. For detailed information on Stenner and Genesis pumps, click the links below.

Stenner pumps come with a one year factory warranty. We stock commonly serviced Stenner parts to ship same-day for your convenience, and can of course order any part from Stenner you may need.

Drum Pumps

For a quick and simple transfer of product from one container to another, we offer the Ezi-action® drum pump from the New Zealand Pump Company. It’s not just a clever name, it’s the easiest to use drum pump we’ve come across and completely serviceable.

Stationary Mixer

For Oxy Blast applications where brass or galvanized pipes and fittings are used, a stationary mixer should be used to properly mix our products in the water before circulating through the system. This ensures minimal interference with the Oxy Blast treatment of the water. Ask us if a stationary mixer is right for you.

Flow Switches

We’ve partnered with Thomas Products LTD to bring you quality flow switches to your Oxy Blast system. Thomas flow switches are some of the best performing, best priced and most reliable flow switches available. They install easily into your water system and provide reliable switching for your injection pump.

Commonly Installed Switches

  • 1801 – 1” Flow Switch – 0.5 GPM Turn-On
  • 2601 – 2” Flow Switch – 0.5 GPM Turn-On

Level Sensors – under construction

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