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Green and Organic

Go Green

Check this out. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is actually found in falling rain water (H2O), thanks to the unstable ozone molecule (O3) giving up its extra oxygen atom (forming oxygen gas, O2) to the water in the air that eventually falls to the earth. It’s this presence of hydrogen peroxide that makes rainwater so much better for plants than common tap water. Same thing goes for crops and rain versus irrigation. The additional oxygen in the water is great for all plant life. Imitating natural rain water is just about as green as you can get with your water!

Thanks to Oxy Blast’s atomic simplicity, when it breaks down once in contact with any organic materials (like dirt, sediments, etc.), the peroxide simply becomes water and oxygen. There is no toxic byproducts from treating your water with any Oxy Blast Products. Oxy Blast and related products are all some of the most natural forms of synthetic water treatment solutions on the market today.

Stay Organic

One of the greatest things about all our Oxy Blast Products is their ideal use for organic operations. Whether you work with one of the largest organic farms in the world or simply have your own home-grown garden free of harsh chemicals, products like Oxy Blast can certainly help your livestock or poultry operation flourish.

Are you a USDA Organic Certified grower or livestock farmer? No sweat. All Oxy Blast Products are compliant with USDA organic regulations. Below are some excerpts from Title 7, the agriculture section of US Code of Federal Regulations. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the allowed synthetic substances for organic operations.

*Note regulations provided here may not be the most recent. Check the GPO for current listings of USDA regulations.

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